How to Factory Reset Wireless Netgear Router to Default Settings?

Factory Reset Wireless Netgear Router

We have come up with a detailed guide for all those Netgear router users who are looking to give a Factory Reset Netgear Router. Doing this can fix all the common issues you are facing with Netgear router. Before getting into the factory reset process, have a brief information about the issues you may face with Netgear router and why is it require to give a factory reset to the wireless Netgear router to default settings. If you want to Reset Netgear Router, you can contact the support team also or follow the below steps.


Problems you may face with Netgear Router 

Have you spent a lot of time on fixing issues? Isn’t it difficult to understand the technical terms and fix it? Well, we precisely understand these issues and have presented a helping guide to reset wireless Netgear router. There are various ways through which you can reset it. We have listed down the most tested methods which will make your work easy and you will be easily able to reset it.


How to Reset Netgear Router using Router dashboard

  1. Connect your computer to the router using an Ethernet cable.
  2. Open any web browser and type default web address or then press enter or connect to Netgear Router Login page.
  3. Choose maintenance then backup setting.
  4. Erase all the backup setting and Reset Netgear Router by pressing the button which is at the back side of router and hold for 10 seconds and your router will be set to the default setting.
  5. After reset, you need to reboot it using Netgear ‘Dashboard’.


Reboot your Netgear Router using Web-Interface


  1. Login to router and go to ‘Maintenance.
  2. Click ‘Diagnostics’ now click on Reboot.


Now, it will start rebooting. After a successful reboot, your Netgear router will be ready for setup. For more information, connect to support team and resolve your error.


How to Reset Netgear Router Using WPS and Wireless Key


Note: – Before stepping into this, make Sure that your wireless router is plugged in.


  • Find WPS and Wireless key on your Netgear router.
  • Press both those keys and hold them for 6-10 Seconds.
  • Let the power light blink red and release it then only.
  • After this, Reboot your router and give it a minute.


By following the given procedure, your Netgear router will be perfectly fine and ready to use. If you want additional information or an expert’s help, you can contact the support team. For further information about this, you can dial the toll free number for United States 1888-399-0817.






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