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Belkin is one of the most renowned brands which manufacture some of the best routers for both personal and business purposes. Along with routers, the company sells various other commercial products including iPod, iPhone accessories, network switches, computer network cable and many other products. Routers offered by Belkin are globally known for its best of features and high stream internet. While using or setting up the Routers, users may face several technical issues regarding its web-interface i.e Belkin Router login page, which need to be fixed immediately. For this, you can connect with the Belkin Technical assistant and get an instant help from the technicians.

How to Login into Belkin Router Webpage?

If you have bought a router and looking to set it up then you must try the given procedure. For more information about the Belkin Router Login & Setup contact to their technical team.

  •   Firstly, connect the computer to the Ethernet port of the router.
  •   Now, open a web browser and enter the IP address of your router or go to Belkin router login page.
  •   If you don’t know the IP address type the default IP address for the Belkin router, which is .Type   this IP address onto your browser and login to your Belkin router.
  •   Fill the Id & Password field and click on the submit button. Now you are Login to your router.
  •   Move your cursor towards the internet WAN and click on the connection type.
  •   Now, select your connection type and proceed for next.
  •   Now, just fill in the right details provided by your ISP.
  •   After that, click on the “apply changes” button.,

Now, you can start browsing the internet. While performing the steps of if you face any issue, then dial the Help Phone Number of Belkin. The technicians are always ready to help out their customers. Just by dialing the number, you will be connected to a technician over the telephonic call, Click here to know more about Belkin Router Setup.


Belkin Router Support

Resolve Common Technical Issues by our team.

While using the Belkin router, you may face issues as these devices usually have some technical issues which can be fixed by the help of expert technicians. An expert technician is able to diagnose the root cause of the issue and fix it immediately. They are best in explaining the actual reason behind the error that you are facing with your Router. They take complete care of the issue and assist you to fix the issue. Take a look at some of the most common technical issues in Belkin Router and fix it with the help of Belkin team.

  1.   Issues while connecting a computer with your router.
  2.   Connectivity issue in Router.
  3.   Slow speed network connection issue.
  4.   Issues in Belkin Router IP.
  5.   Issues while installation and configuring Belkin router.
  6.   Router not connected to two PC at the same time.
  7.   Changing of WiFi and administration password.
  8.   Resetting of Router dashboard password.
  9.   Issues with password recovery and other related credential issues.
Belkin Router Support Phone Number

If you face any of the aforementioned issues or other related issues, then dial
Belkin Router Helpline Number and get assistance by the qualified technicians.

Belkin Router Default Password

Belkin, one of the most renowned companies is popularly known to offer high-technology routers all over the world. Used by millions of people, Belkin routers are quite popular among all the other brands. One of its most common processes which often bother users is when they try to login to their router account. In order to configure a router and its setting, we need to login to the account using Belkin Router Default Password and Username.


Just like all the other routers, Belkin routers come with a built-in control panel which let users configure their router. With the configuration, users can set up network security, see the list of the connected device, and enable the router to be connected with other devices and a few more. To access these features, users need to login to the account by putting Belkin Router Default IP ( ) in the address search bar. They will then prompt to enter their username and password. They can use the default information printed on the bottom of the Belkin router. In case, if they don’t find any information there, they can use“admin” in the username box while “password” in Belkin password box.


How to change Belkin Router Password?

In case, if users want to change their Belkin Router Password and set a strong one to prevent it from hackers or security thefts, they can do it by logging in to the account. Further information is given below.


  1. Enter in the address search bar and press enter.
  2. Now, enter your username and password
    • Note:- Default username is ‘admin’ while ‘password’ in the password field.
  3. Go to system setting under utilities.
  4. If you have opened a Belkin dashboard then choose Advanced Settings.
  5. Now, type in your current password then a new password.
  6. Type it again in the next field.
  7. Now save the changes and log out.

List of Services Provided by Expert Technicians

Services provided by our expert technicians are as follows:

Belkin Customer Service
  •   Troubleshooting assistance for major and minor technical issues.
  •   Help for setup and configuration of Router.
  •   Procedure to change WiFi and administration password.
  •   Help for Belkin Router Login.
  •   Protecting your important files and data against intruders.
  •   Change of bandwidth channel.
  •   Help with the router’s settings page.
  •   Help for weak signal issues.
  •   Solving password recovery issues and more.

These are some of the reliable services which are offered by our expert technicians. Along with these services, they can help you with other technical issues that you are encountering in your routers. With the 24/7 availability, they are always available to help out their valued customers. So, if you are also facing issues with your routers then dial the contact Number of Belkin & To know more, please dial the given phone number.

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